Are you ready to unravel the chaos and stress and struggles of a life transition and find ways to calmly and positively move forward?

Are you going through a major life transition and are so overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin?

Do you have so much to accomplish that you are paralyzed by fear that you won’t be able to get everything done in time?

Are you afraid that if you forgot to do something, you won’t have the flexibility to go back and get it done because of all the tasks that lie ahead of you?

How would you like to have someone virtually hold your hand, help you organize, focus and move through the transition calmly so things go as smoothly as possible?



I’m Geri SGeriSueSandorue Sandor, Your Chaos to Bliss Guide

My Mission is to guide you from overwhelm and stuck to calm, organized, focused and productive.

Do you know that getting stuck and foggy thinking are symptoms of stress?

When you are moving through a transition:

  • making time for yourself
  • having the right mindset and attitude and
  • taking time to enjoy the journey
  • can simplify the transition.

We work together step-by-step to unravel chaos and stress, finding ways for you to calmly, positively, easily and confidently move forward.

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